Hi, my name is Ralph Hardwick

I am a commercial photographer and owner of Capturelight. 

I established CaptureLight in 2013 as a vessel to allow me develop my photography skills with the aim of being recognised as a skilled practitioner of the art.    I invite you to look through this website and decide for yourself where you think I am on that journey.

To increase the options I could offer, in 2016, I added a purpose designed studio to my house, in Norfolk, and equipped it with up to date medium format digital cameras, radio controlled portable lighting and the latest image editing equipment

I firmly believe that photos aren’t a luxury for a business, they are an investment. The right images will bring the right results, increasing sales and adding direct value to the bottom line.   My obsessive attention to detail and desire to always surpass expectations means that I feel I am well placed to be the one to provide you with those right images

I hope that my portfolio speaks for itself, so I invite you to look through it and, if you like what you see contact me to see how we can work together to improve your business.