People buy from people they trust

Is an often quoted phrase in modern marketing.  How true it is is open to debate, however what is not debatably is that fact that a strong Personal Brand can engender that trust, helping you achieve business objectives, regardless of whether those are linked to sales, greater exposure or personal ambitions.

That Facebook profile using the blurred selfie you took by the pool in Ibiza with the cocktail cropped out probably isn’t quite hitting the mark!

One of the key components of creating a personal brand is imaging and that’s where I come in.

So if your interested in business images, portfolio pictures or a unique personal portrait scroll down to find out more.

The Process

Entrepreneur,  Actor or Private customer , the process is the same.  A simple 3 step process that ensures you have nothing to worry about.

The Consultation

Getting to know each other and creating a plan is crucial for making sure that we are a ‘good fit’ and getting the most out of our time together.

So the first step is a no-commitment consultation where we can sit down over a coffee, tea, or other beverages if you choice, chat, have a few laughs and discuss to what you need.  I prefer these to be face-to-face.  You can come to the studio, I can come to your premises or we can meet somewhere suitable in-between.  However, if that’s not possible, we can always talk on the phone or skype/facetime.  

Some things that are discussed are: styling, wardrobe, use of images, location, your customers or clients, mood of images, and business philosophy. All of these paint a picture of you and your art or brand.

We can discuss extras, such as hair & Makeup, models, tools, equipment and props that we might need.  This consultation also gives us an opportunity to answer any questions and put your mind at ease about the shoot.

Prior to the consultation I usually ask potential clients to create a Pinterest board with images that they have seen on the internet that they like.  These can be taken from my portfolio or almost anywhere.  Celebrity images, paintings, abstract, structured or simple.  Every image pinned helps create an idea of the style you’re looking for.

As everyone’s needs are different, having a specific plan developed for you from the start makes the process easier and you will get the images you need.

Assuming we get on and you want to progress we can set a date for the photoshoot and take care of the setup payment there and then.

The Shoot

This is where the fun happens. Honestly it really can be a fun experience. With guidance from the team, we review the plan we developed and then get to work. Working on location as well as indoors to create a studio style set to create the images you are looking for.

Your personal image library

The selected, and edited, images are then uploaded to your personal online gallery.  Just images that represent you, your art or brand in the best light possible. All images are sold separately as this allows you to spread the cost and only download the images you want when you want them.

The gallery will remain available for 6 months.  However, don’t worry all the images are archived and can still be accessed.

Business Portraits

As an Entrepreneur, an Owner of a Small business,  an Actor or a Performer, you are your brand.  Whether you like it or not!  You need to inspire trust in your customers by helping them see the real and relatable person behind the brand.  To do this you need to sell yourself authentically, professionally and consistently.

Those of you that want to promote the personality behind your business: New business start-ups, Entrepreneurs, Actors,  Personal Trainers, Models, Beauticians, Therapists, Musicians, Performers, etc. the list goes on.  Where the success of your business is inextricably linked to the individual, the couple or small team that forms the backbone of your business.  

You want to project your business, to compete with the larger organisations or to stand out as something truly unique amongst the others.  But money is tight and every penny has to be justified.

I hear you.  Who better to understand the pressures of working for yourself and starting out in a competitive market than someone who did the same thing, me!

Why have I chosen this niche market?  Simple really, it allows me to specialise and focus my efforts on providing something special, something that specifically meets your needs.

I firmly believe that photos aren’t a luxury for a business, they are an investment. The right images will bring the right results, increasing sales and adding direct value to the bottom line.   My obsessive attention to detail and desire to always surpass expectations means that I feel I am well placed to be the one to provide you with those right images


more to come

Studio Setup Fee


This fee basically secures your studio slot and covers the administration, travel, research and setup time involved in preparing the studio, or location, for your shoot.

1-5 Images


Each for the high resolution digital image file

6 - 10 Images


Each for the high resolution digital image file

11 - 15 Images


Each for the high resolution digital image file

16 - 20 Images


Each for the high resolution digital image file