It has taken a while, but with a few more portfolios to add I have finally got around to updating the website.As the website is the main window to see my work I have updated the theme to emphasise the images above all else.

Using wordpress for my site allows me to make many changes by the use of themes and plugins.  It gives me the opportunity to completely change the look and feel of the website without have to rewrite all the content or resort to writing html code.

The front page is now structured to provide an overview and direct access to all my portfolios.  I have done this to assist potential clients as, after all, its the quality of the images that matter the most.  By using the filters, at the top of the screen, they can quickly sort the portfolios to find the most relevant images to their requirements.

One of the biggest difficulties when formatting a website is the wide variety of screens that it can be viewed on.  From vertically orientated phone screens to massive 5k resolution computer monitors.  Because of this it is essential to use a theme that is responsive and mobile friendly.

Another big consideration, especially for image intensive sites like mine, is the page load speed.  If you upload really large images then they can take a long time to load on someones device (especially via 3G or 4G).  If it doesn’t load quick enough then that potential customer may just move on to the next site without seeing what you can offer.

However this is a double-edged sword.  If your images are too small then they may load quickly, but not look good.  Because of this almost as much effort has to go into the mechanics of your site as goes into the style and content.  Fortunately there are numerous wordpress plugins that can help with this as well as online speed test sites that can give tips and advice on how to improve your site.

I hope you like the new look.