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What are personal projects, why they’re important and why you should be interested?

Personal projects are simply that, they are photographic challenges chosen by me for whatever reason I like.

  • Once the pressures of pleasing a client are out of the equation, I can be free to explore, get creative and challenge myself. Hopefully this creative freedom will reflect positively on my work. 
  • Good projects should push me as an artist and challenge my existing skills and techniques. They should help me to grow my creative confidence and skill level.
  • Personal projects are investments offering long-term benefits and are an important part of any photographer’s growth and development
  • As a creator, I need to actually create content—not just fulfil assignments
  • Personal projects allow you to add to your artistic toolbox

In these portfolios I shall share some of those projects, some worked, some didn’t.  I shall also share some of my own personal images that just make me smile when I look at them

I invite you to look through my portfolios and, if you like what you see  contact me to see how I can help you with your project.