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Deskgear Ltd.

Deskgear Ltd. of Wellingborough were in need of updated product images for their entire range.

As makers of office equipment for power & data distribution, cable management and ergonomics they needed images that were crisp and clear and yet showed the product in situ.

A white background was chosen, but this created a issue with trying to show the edge of a desk.

With over 160 different variations of product it was far easier for me to travel to their office in Wellingborough where I set up a mini studio.  Fortunately most of my equipment ifs fully portable allowing me to achieve studio images almost anywhere..

Using a strip softbox I created a graduated light effect which just shows the edge of the desk while maintaining the crips white background required for their website style.

With black products against a white background, reflective and shiny brushed surfaces I had my work cut out to ensure that all the details were captured.

I invite you to look through my images and, if you like what you see  contact me to see how I can help you with your project.

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