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Why separate out ‘food & drink’?

If ever there was a need for an image to raise the appeal of a product then it’s in this category.

Food and drinks imagery needs to invoke a mood, a desire, a feeling of need almost.

For food images we tend to lean towards a natural lighting feel.  This makes the viewer imagine the food on a restaurant table or in their own dining room.  Natural lighting can be just that, natural, or the impression can be skilfully created by the selective use of lights and diffusion material.

Within our studio we have a large fridge, freezer as well as a ‘kitchen’ sink and work surface for preparing food.  Because our studio is attached to our house, we have direct access to a full equipped kitchen with two ovens, microwave, hob, additional sinks and more worktop.

Creating a stimulating drink image opens many avenues, as well as challenges:

Bottles and glasses are highly reflective, a nightmare for photographers.  Liquids are transparent, how can you light them?  Drinks are often served cold, how do you convey a feeling of coldness in an image?  Drinks are associated with enjoying life, socialising and excitement, how can we get this message across?

There are many little secrets and tricks to ensuring we can capture the right mood for you food or drink.

I invite you to look through my image and, if you like what you see  contact me to see how I can help you with your project.