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Woodfordes Brewery

Woodfordes Brewery are a small Norfolk based outfit and I noticed that they had very inconsistent images on their website.

Sometimes you have to speculate and so I bought some of their products and spent some time producing the images you can see here.

My aim was to show them the numerous ways that a bottle can be lit as well as adding a Hero shot to show how creative I can be.

I then sent them these images for free in the hope that they would be interested.

Sadly they must have already had something in the pipeline as they have just launched a new website with all new images.

However all is not wasted as I can share these images with you so that you can see the variety of lighting effects that can be applied to a simple beer bottle.

I invite you to look through my images and, if you like what you see  contact me to see how I can help you with your project.

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